7 Steps to maintain your audience

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7 Steps to maintain your audience

Many of us can manage to write a very successful & strong post for once, where the audience highly interacts with it.. And as a result they gain a number of followers. But the problem is, only a few of these people know how to keep going and attract new followers, or at least keep the ones they gained.

First of all, let us all agree that social media audiences are human after all, they have a limited time & capacity for being present on social media. In other words, no matter how many people and pages they follow daily, no matter how many videos they see or posts they read.. They can’t add more without removing an old page or someone they follow. To make it more clear, for every follow, there is an unfollow.

That’s why success is not in having followers, real success lies in maintaining them.

In this post, we’ll talk about 7 steps you can follow to keep your audience..

1- Always be present:

Try to always be active on social media, let your audience feel your presence all the time on their timeline, at least during the major events when they want to know your opinion. But that doesn’t mean that you can share meaningless content just to be there, because the audience can easily differentiate between good & bad content. 

2- Follow the trends:

You should follow all the new trends that your fans & followers are interested in. And if you happen to have an additional opinion that would help them know new information about what’s happening, share it with them.

You can check the latest trends from here:

3- Build a relationship with them

Like any other relationship between people, establishing a relationship with your audience is important to keep them. This can only happen when there’s a mutual sharing of interests and ideas between both parties.

4- Renew your content

While building the relationship with your audience, you should know that any human relationship is subjected to boredom, that’s why you should always renew your created content and develop it in a way that makes your followers excited to see what’s next. Changes are not only applicable to the topics, you can also change the type of your content, the way you present it and the time you choose to publish.

5- Interaction with audience

Here we can talk about two main points,

The first one is that no matter how talented you are in creating unique content types, it can’t be one sided. This means that you should interact with your fans, reply to their comments and messages.. You can even fulfill their requirements at some times.

The second one is based on an advantage and feature provided by Facebook for content owners whose content gains wide interaction rates.. Facebook in this case rewards the content owner by helping them reach a wider range of audience with this content.

6- Be your own self

First impressions usually never change, if the audience followed you after a post.. This means that this is the image they always want to see from you or the impression they want to feel from your words. Always try to be original and express yourself, because being fake is very tiring and you won’t be satisfied by what you say, then eventually you might make mistakes and the audience will definitely know when it happens!

7- Keep your quality

We don’t mean by quality, the content itself only.. But it’s also important to choose images and designs high in quality and suitable to your content. It’s also very important to take care of any flaws in your post, since you might lose followers that you gained from an old post, because of mistakes in a new post.

Important note:

Our previous posts in #StoryPost_Academy (which you can check from here:, we used to talk directly about the personal content and not advertising content where you aim to gain profit. And although there’s a lot of similarities between them in many ways, there are also major differences between them.