5 ways to help you write a remarkable headline

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5 ways to help you write a remarkable headline

Like we agreed before, if the readers felt any kind of boredom at the first 5 seconds from reading your post, they’ll most probably stop & never read it till the end.. And as a result, you won’t get any likes or shares. 

We also agreed that people love storytelling. So, if you have any type of content and you managed to write it down in the form of a story, it’ll be perfect. And the most important thing in this story, will be the introduction, “which we’ll discuss later”.

But this doesn’t conflict with the direct introduction type, being remarkable and being considered a subject of interest, especially if the content is scientific or informative or even about some simple pieces of advice.. And that’s when it’s written in an arranged sequential way, meeting a number of conditions, the most important among which is to have a unique attractive headline.. And that’s the topic we’re talking about here.

The 5 most famous ways to help you write a remarkable headline for your post

1- Use numbers:

Numbers are very important in a publishing platform like social media, which is full of variable & diverse content.. So, having a topic with a known beginning & end as well as the way it’ll be written in steps, you’ll grab the attention of the readers more and will make them eager to read it.. Like:

  • 9 numbers Mo. Salah has beaten in the Premier League.
  • 8 ways models use to keep their bodies perfectly in shape.
  • 7 movies you shall never miss this summer.

3- Use “What, When, How, Why”..

The use of limiting questions, increases the curiosity of readers and delivers the feeling that the topic is about a group of specific targeted information. For example:

  • Know more about the time of Mo. Salah’s transfer to Real Madrid. “WHEN”
  • What could happen if you suddenly stopped smoking? “WHAT”
  • How can you overcome depression without medications? “HOW”

3- Use words and sentences illustrating a direct & physical scientific benefit that the reader will receive by reading your article

Remember that by using this method, you will be talking about physical information, so you should use direct and explicit words.

And usually these words come after mentioning numbers.

4- Offer a promise that is “doable”

Always put in mind that readers are not just scrolling, but also searching for what helps them to develop themselves and meet their needs.. Maybe the don’t know what they really need, but you can be the reason why they develop themselves somehow. Like the following:

  • What you didn’t know about traveling to Europe.

Here, you made a promise that they will know information about traveling to Europe, that the reader didn’t know previously.. Or at least some of them are somehow new.

5- Use emotional words to describe the state of readers or the problem you’re talking about

Maybe the information you’re going to mention is emotional and psychological related.. So make sure to mention the words that describe the feelings, that most people share.. Like:

  • How to deal with your work colleagues that drive you crazy?
  • 7 things you’ll only know if you lived your childhood in the 90s.

Of course there are a lot of other ways to write a remarkable headline, but we tried to mention the most important 5 of them here!

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