Why ONE “share” is more effective than 100 “likes”!

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Why is sharing more effective than 100 likes?

We talked before about the important factors for any successful post, like a strong title, attractive introduction and the inner elements building the post itself.

And now, to get back to the answer of the very first question, “How to reach 1000 likes?”, we should mention the power of “share”.

If you’re an ordinary person who doesn’t have a very long list of friends, you might think that 1000 likes is a huge number, but you’ll realize how easy you can reach that when you know that the power of one “share” is worth more than “100 likes”!

And for your post to be shared & for people to interact with it, you should end it in a unique way!

Today, we’re here to tell you about 6 ways to end your post successfully;

1- Talk briefly about your message!

Try to summarize your objective from the story you’re telling, or the message you want to deliver to the reader in a sentence or two maximum.

2- Be Realistic..

If your message is not authentic & true, then your brief of the story & the message will not affect them or have any influence.

3- Create a link between your posts

Share with your audience a couple of links for your previously published videos or posts by the end of the post you’re writing now, because if they loved what you’re presenting, they’ll surely want to see more.

4- What’s coming next?

Keep your audience updated regarding your next topic, or at least give them a hint about the time you’ll publish the next post and give them a hint about yourself to wait for your next post.

5- Ask a question

End your post with a question, encouraging readers to write their answers in the comments of the post, which will therefore increase the engagement rate on your post and help it reach a larger range of people and spread more.

6- Ask them to interact with you..

Encourage the readers of your post to interact with you, ask them to share the post if they like it or even interact with a “like” if the feel the content is beneficial.

If you didn’t succeed in the above and ended your post with a boring closure, people will most probably forget all what you wrote in the post and only remember that it was boring.. Just because of the last sentence.

That’s why we advise you to take your time in thinking about the closure of your post, just like to pay attention to the title & introduction.. Because a share might be more effective than 100 likes.