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Who are your readers?

we’ll complete our answer to the question: “How can my post be powerful & influential?”

We already mentioned that there are 4 main points, if you take them into consideration, they’ll help you grab attention with your content, like:

1- How strong the content is, and what you intend to deliver from the story.

2- The time of publishing your post.

3- The structure of the post.

4- The circle of friends.

Now we’ll talk about the 4th & last point, which is “The Circle of Friends”!

And here, we’ll talk about two main points

1- The first most important one, is the “Number”:

Many people think that the number of friends you have on a platform like Facebook for example, is what brings string engagement on your post and helps it reach high numbers of people! But that, alone, is not real.. Let’s know how..

If you have 100 friends only on Facebook, but these 100 friends are usually active most of the time, and out of them, 50 friends usually interact with you.. Then this will be way better than someone else having 500 friends where only 20 of them interact with them!

And just like any seed needs a fertile land to grow, your content needs a good recipient to receive this content and interact with it in a proper way, then take it from your page to a wider range of audience.

2- The second point here is the “Culture”,

You should know the culture & education of your friends, you should also know what they like and what they love talking about, as well as the topics they like to hear.. And in this part you have 3 choices:

1- Use their words and talk about the topics they like..

2- Talk about general topics that the public audience in general agrees on.

3- Widen your range of friends and include diverse people.

There’s another way that people use, which is sharing your posts and introducing your ideas and opinion to other “groups” on Facebook or even on other pages, and that’s what we’re goin to talk about in details next time, under the title of:

“How to reach the right audience?”