When are the audience active?

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When are the audience active?

In Egypt, numbers & statistics prove that users are mostly active during weekdays, from Sunday to Wednesday.

And when we come to the exact time, we find that the range from 8pm to 11pm daily, is when most of the audiences are online.

In the references mentioned at the end of this blogpost, you’ll find a list of useful websites to help you extract this type of data in simple ways

But don’t forget that there are other factors & standards you should pay attention to!

Imagine writing a comical post, when a general state of misery is looming over the whole country. Or you might be writing a very serious post about a topic that is so important in your opinion, while everybody around you is celebrating something else, let us say their team making it to the World Cup!



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Note: If you’re using a Facebook page and not a personal profile,

  • Open your page
  • Click “Insights”
  • Click “Posts”
    • Here you can know more about the hours & days where your audience are most active.