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Sarah El Zahaby's experience


Many of the questions we receive are mainly about the right way to transform their ideas as well as the daily life events and situations into impressive written pieces of content that attracts the audience and meets the condition of reaching at least 1000 likes to convert it into a video on StoryPost.

We started our journey with you in #StoryPostAcademy with simple tips about the right way to write down your stories, ideas and situations you meet daily. We covered all the required steps starting from the way of writing, passing by organizing your thoughts, choosing the right words and selecting the best times for publishing your content.. And many other tips that you can find in our theoretical series of #StoryPostAcademy.

Here in this live, we’ll complete the series theoretically, with different writers who went through the whole experience & started from scratch, as well as other talents with various previous experience levels. You can easily spot the similarities between their story & yours. They’ll tell you how they started and the secret of reaching many people and achieving their current publicity.

Sarah El Zahaby is one of the very first writers whose post was produced into a video by StoryPost; titled: “Good Job”

You can check the video from here:

And Sarah’s profile from here:

Sarah Elzahaby / سارة الذهبي

Sarah is a pharmacist and writer in “Yawmeyat Al Akhbar” section of Akhbar El Yom Newspaper. She’s the author of 3 Sarcastic Comic books named: “Feeha Haga Hersha”, “Khaltet Omry” and “Wesh El Afas”.