In cooperation with Dar Dawen, we released The first part of our book; “Facebookeyat” during Cairo International Book Fair, in January 2018. This release is part of a big series of books that StoryPost is working on, to be printed and distributed among Arab readers all around the Arab World and beyond.
Facebookeyat targets the audience who rarely -or even never- interact on social media, the audience who are eager to explore the topics shared over these networks.
All that beside the social media audience, who are interested in reading printed books.
All this work is done to prove the institutional form of StoryPost and how it can help writers move to another level of Professionalism.

Throughout 100 stories, for 90 Egyptian social media influencers of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds, Facebookeyat, offers them the opportunity to spread their written words more widely among millions of readers, and those who’re interested in getting familiar with the different social networks and their public crowd.
Facebookeyat encloses a diversity of stories; between dramatic, comedic, fictional and even realistic ones. All this offers the reader a wide space & opportunity to get familiar with the Egyptian culture and explore the Egyptian daily life situations.
2.5 Million Likes..
1 Million Shares..
That’s the total number of interactions achieved by these posts all together over social media channels


The relationship between the reader and the writer is not limited to reading the last words of the post. Readers will find a QR code that redirects them to the personal profile of the writers.. Allowing them to know more about these writers and read more of their stories.


In cooperation with Kitab Sawti we converted the printed book, into an audiobook, after recording all the stories in an acting manner.
In addition to re-sharing this audiobook over the different social channels interested in this kind of content, it’s also planned to convert these stories into a radio program that interacts with the crowd.