Writers - Actors - Influencers- Narrators

Over the past period, StoryPost has been able to establish relationships with various talents in the fields of writing, acting, voice-over, design and all means of production (Audio, video, publishing and more). And we don’t mind working with any talent, whether they’re individuals or institutions, professionals or amateurs, whose number will eventually grow bigger with the next expansion of StoryPost.

We, at StoryPost, believe in a very important concept as part and parcel of our vision. This concept is based upon the belief that there are a lot of fresh faces & talents who will occupy an important place in the field as media artists, influencers and industry makers throughout the upcoming years. And we’re looking forward to being among the early leading adopters of these talents, and help in discovering those talents and influencers, which will give us, in return, a good position in this industry in its various forms.

This is also the exact behaviour that we follow with different talents such as narrators and actors. We thrive to become a great incubator for these young people. And all this happens while maintaining a high-quality production.production.

StoryPost also started to cooperate lately with a number of Social Media influencers to add a new dimension to the stories and give it a special glow!

This step is part of a bigger plan from StoryPost to establish a huge network of connections with social media influencers and new talents, to help them reach the deserved success.

And though one of the most important qualities of social media networks is making the communication between people easier and overcoming the traditional barriers, yet this doesn’t regularly reflect on the cooperation and integration between social media celebrities and influencers.. And that’s what StoryPost is striving to reach; to be the link between all those.


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